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In the online world, it may be challenging to find relevant and reliable content. As a busy healthcare professional your time must be spent valuably, knowing that information allows you to better your practice and the treatment of your patients.

Welcome to mdPassport , a world of information at your fingertips!

mdPassport is a FREE service available to all Canadian healthcare professionals. By joining mdPassport you will gain access to no-fee services including:

By joining mdPassport you will gain access to -

  • Canadian Accredited Education - Expert accredited online CME
  • Resources - Explore all the latest materials and applications to enhance your learning in many therapeutic areas
  • eNewsletters - mdPassport offers a free subscription to weekly eNewsletter updates providing information on a variety of topics
  • Community Features - Participate online in debates, twitter, travel stories and YouTube videos
  • Access to DiabetesExchange.ca - Interact with KOLs in the frontlines of Diabetes care
  • Honoraria Opportunities - Needs Assessments, polls and Market Research

And much more!

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About Us