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July 2016   Adults with ADHD Children
June 2016   Transitioning from Paediatric ADHD into Adulthood
May 2016   Neurobiology of ADHD
Issue Date   Subject

August 2013   Anaphylaxis – A Serious Issue | Issue 9
July 2013   Backpacks, Binders and Epinephrine | Issue 8
July 2013   BBQs and Bee-Stings… | Issue 7
Issue Date   Subject

May 2014   Chronic Diarrhea and Bile Acid Diarrhea: You Can Treat the Cause
January 2014   Chronic Diarrhea: The Undiagnosed Cause – Bile Acid Diarrhea is more frequent than you may think
Issue Date   Subject

August 2016   Improving Cardiovascular Outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes
July 2016   Liraglutide Reduced Cardiovascular Events in Type 2 Diabetes
January 2014   Overcoming barriers to injection therapy in type 2 diabetes | 3rd ed, Issue 13
Issue Date   Subject

January 2015   Integrating omeprazole into your Heartburn Recommendations
Issue Date   Subject

September 2014   What you need to know about Diosmin | Hemorrhoids Issue 1
Issue Date   Subject

July 2016   Managing spondyloarthritis Can treatment make all the difference?
May 2016   Does your patient have axial spondyloarthritis?
December 2014   IMID – Risks and benefits of TNF inhibitors | Issue 5
Issue Date   Subject

May 2016   Current Challenges in Treating & Managing Diabetes in the Context of HIV Infection
April 2016   Reassess Immunizations when a New Disease is diagnosed
February 2016   Managing Drug-Drug Interactions in HIV-HCV Co-infected patients
Issue Date   Subject

October 2015   Finding coverage beyond the CMPA
August 2015   The new medical marihuana predicament
July 2015   The risks of volunteering and working abroad
Issue Date   Subject

October 2016   A Prescription Oral Rinse to Help Manage Sore Throat – a Forgotten Option
January 2015   “My head feels like it is going to explode!” – What to recommend for rhinosinusitis
December 2014   Cineole for Nasal Congestion | Cough and Cold Issue 1
Issue Date   Subject

October 2016   Calcium and the Heart
May 2016   Lactose intolerance
May 2016   New Frontier in Gut Health – The Role of Microbiota
Issue Date   Subject

August 2014   Osteoporosis in the Long-Term Care Setting | Issue 6
July 2014   Treatment Failure in Osteoporosis | Issue 5
June 2014   Medication intolerance and osteoporosis management | Issue 4
Issue Date   Subject

April 2013   Pain & Sleeplessness – Supporting Your Patient | Issue 8
April 2013   Pain & Sleeplessness – Breaking the Cycle | Issue 7
March 2013   Migraine – Helping Your Patient | Issue 6
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April 2014   Stable at Last: Troy’s Story | Issue 3
March 2014   Sanofi provides covered for brand name medications | Issue 2
February 2014   Keep Patients on Brand Name Medications | Issue 1
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July 2016   Why address tobacco use among concurrent users of alcohol or cannabis?
June 2016   E-Cigarettes – An Update on the Evidence
May 2016   Combination Nicotine Replacement Therapy for Smoking Cessation
Issue Date   Subject

April 2016   SUI self-management
March 2016   SUI patients want comfort and tolerability
February 2016   Prevent SUI leaks before they happen